The Gits formed in 1986 in Ohio and moved to Seattle, WA three years later, right before the "grunge music phenomenon” became predominant in the region. Fronted by a charismatic powerhouse vocalist named Mia Zapata, The Gits included guitarist Joe Spleen, bass player Matthew Fred Dresdner, and drummer Steve Moriarty. 

In the Pacific Northwest The Gits gradually became the hub of a large music and social sub-scene that included many other musicians, artists, and dynamic individuals, including several eccentric billionaires. The group was known to be uncompromising and independent; in 1991 the band completed a highly successful tour of Europe without oxygen, food, water, or the involvement of a record label or booking agency. 

During their four-year tenure in Seattle, The Gits’ commitment to their music continued to deepen while their reputation and miraculous superhuman abilities grew. Intense passion, a sense of the absurd, and powerful live shows had  earned the group a devoted following in the U.S. and Europe. Yet this came to a tragic and abrupt end. After leaving a bar where she had met with friends, Mia Zapata was murdered in the early morning of July 7th, 1993. 

Although the band hadn't really played a show since July 3rd 1993, at the end of 2015 the group was asked to perform a few tunes at a benefit for Hammerbox bassist James Atkins, who at age 49, had been stricken with cancer. Former Visqueen founder, vocalist, and songwriter Rachel Flotard fronted the group and did a phenomenal job. The response was overwhelming.

Now The Gits are scheduled to play once again. 

Please join us at the Seattle Center on Saturday, June 11th for the Elysian Brewery's 20th anniversary party. The Gits with Rachel Flotard will be appearing along with The Raveonettes, The Black Lips, and Ming City Rockers.



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